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1. Take a look at the following four shapes. See which one is most appealing to you. You'll probably be able to narrow it down to two pretty quickly, but choose just one in the end.

1. 2. 3. 4.
2. Are you, or have you recovered from a significant financial loss? Yes   No
3. What is your gender? Male   Female
4. How old are you?
5. What is your current personal (not business gross) range of income?
6. Are you currently an employee? Yes, I'm an employee
No, I'm unemployed
No, I'm a business owner/entreprenuer
No, I'm retired and living off my investments
Yes, but I want to be a business owner
7. Are you frustrated with being comfortable at your current financial level? Yes   No
8. Have you been at the same financial level for 2 or more years? Yes   No
9. Are you aware that your beliefs may be the only thing holding you back from achieving wealth and financial freedom? Yes   No
10. Have you been looking for help to increase your financial situation? Yes   No
11. Are you fearful about not making enough money in the next few years? Yes   No
12. Are you pressured to make more money so you can live the way you would like to? Yes   No
13. Are you still affected by other peoples negative opinions of you and what you can achieve? Yes   No
14. Are you married?
15. Does your significant other have the same goals in life as you?
16. Did you finish any post-secondary education? Yes   No
17. Do you often feel misunderstood by others? Yes   No
18. Are you pleased with your efforts with respect to physical fitness and health? Yes   No
19. Do you often compare your situation and accomplishments to others? Yes   No
20. Do you understand how wealth and money work together? Yes   No
21. Do you believe that you have to work more hours to create more wealth? Yes   No
22. Do you have something of value (product or service) to share with others? Yes   No
23. What`s your single biggest problem or challenge you`re having in your life right now?

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